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  • Understanding Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

    Sep-23-2021 | Comments: 0 | Posted By: Jessica Robbins

    Zhaohui Sun is the Vice President of the Polymer Business at Franklin International. She has written an article describing the use and benefits of Pressure–Sensitive Adhesives for graphic applications. With six sections of detailed explanation, Zhaohui Sun shares her knowledge of the role of adhesives, ultra-removable PSAs, removable PSAs, permanent PSAs, high-tack PSAs and collaboration with testing. (...) <read more>

  • New FastStick Formulations from Franklin Adhesives & Polymers

    Sep-23-2021 | Comments: 2 | Posted By: Jessica Robbins

    Franklin Adhesives & Polymers is pleased to launch a new line of contact cement adhesives under our new FastStick brand name. With a total of three new FastStick products, there are now more options for the lamination of High Performance Laminate (HPL) and other decorative overlays to particle board and/or MDF core materials used to fabricate store fixtures, millwork, cabinets, work surfaces, decorative panels and related products. (...) <read more>

  • Franklin's New Radio Frequency Press

    Feb-22-2021 | Comments: 0 | Posted In: | Posted By: Zack Zollinger

    Franklin Adhesives & Polymers is investing in its customers’ future growth, and its own. The industrial technical service lab at Franklin recently purchased a newer radio frequency (RF) press.(...) <read more>

  • New Lamination Adhesive for Fire-Rated and Borated Boards

    Aug-16-2019 | Comments: 0 | Posted In: | Posted By: Jessica Robbins

    Franklin Adhesives & Polymers has simplified production of flame retardant panels with the introduction of a lamination adhesive – Advantage 460 – developed specifically for bonding HPL and wood veneer to fire-rated or borated particleboard and fiberboard.(...) <read more>

  • High-Performing EPI System for SIPS Production

    Aug-16-2019 | Comments: 0 | Posted In: | Posted By: Jessica Robbins

    Franklin Adhesives & Polymers’ new Advantage EP-980 meets the requirements of Norma CH2148, the standard for residential use in Chile. It is easy to use, cures quickly, works well across a wide temperature range during and after production and offers excellent heat, water and solvent resistance.(...) <read more>

  • PSTC Tape Summit 2019

    Aug-16-2019 | Comments: 0 | Posted In: | Posted By: Jessica Robbins

    Franklin is still reeling from the excitement of the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council’s Tape Summit 2019. In May of this year, we attended the PSTC Tape Summit in Baltimore, Maryland. Our team was able to gain much insight on new trends, meet with current and potential customers, as well as network with many industry professionals. We were very excited to present a poster at the poster session for the very first time, showcasing one of the extraordinary projects that we have been working on.(...) <read more>