FilterFAB 2000 is a solvent-free polyurethane assembly adhesive formulated for hydraulic fluid and lubrication oil filter fabrication, and is particularly effective in bonding filter end caps and side seams.

FilterFAB 1000 Black


FilterFAB 1000 BLK is a flexible two-component, solvent-free polyurethane assembly
adhesive with excellent durability. This self-leveling, room temperature-curing product bonds well to metals, PVC, vinyl, fiberglass and cellulosic materials. FilterFAB 1000 BLK is formulated for air, water, hydraulic fluid and oil filter fabrication. It has a Shore A
hardness of 65-70 when fully cured.




•   Performs well in end cap potting or casting and edge/frame sealing
•   Good heat resistance with temperatures below 180 degrees Fahrenheit
•   Strong chemical resistance
•   Room temperature cure in three to five minutes; can be heat accelerated
•   Forms superior bonds to a wide variety of materials such as metals, PVC, vinyl, 
    fiberglass and cellulosic materials
•   Recommended for air, water and oil filters


FilterFAB 1000 BLK is mixed with FilterFAB Hardener at a ratio of four parts 1000 BLK to one part Hardener by volume. Off-ratio mixes will result in slower setting rates and weaker ultimate bonds.


FilterFAB 1000 BLK is mixed with FilterFAB Hardener at a ratio of four parts 1000 BLK to one part Hardener by volume. Off-ratio mixes will result in slower setting rates and weaker ultimate bonds.

Meter mix equipment:
Meter-mix equipment permits accurate mixing and dispensing of two-part polyurethanes. This permits the purchase of FilterFAB 1000 BLK and FilterFAB Hardener in bulk containers at a significant reduction in the price of adhesive. It is typically possible to payback the equipment cost of the meter mix system in less than 200 gallons of mixed material. We recommend a purge cycle timer to prolong the life of the disposable mix tip. In addition, the mix ratio should be checked periodically.


Curing rate: FilterFAB 1000 BLK will generally remain usable for about two to three minutes after being mixed. FilterFAB 1000 BLK will cure more rapidly in a large volume than in a thin film. 


Heat acceleration: FilterFAB 1000 BLK will cure faster with the application of heat. Temperatures of 150 degrees Fahrenheit or less are normally sufficient.


Ultimate cure:

FilterFAB 1000 BLK normally reaches handling strength in less than 30 minutes. It will continue to harden for the next 24 hours. A full cure is attained in about seven days.

FilterFAB 1000 BLK may be cleaned up with many common solvents including acetone, lacquer thinner or mineral spirits. Cured FilterFAB 1000 BLK can be removed mechanically.


Bond strength: FilterFAB 1000 BLK bonds well to wood, metal, concrete, finishes, and many plastics. Strength testing on the substrates to be used should be conducted.

Shore A hardness:  65-70 (when fully cured)

Chemical resistance: FilterFAB 1000 BLK is used in air, water, and oil filters. Long term exposure to solvents and synthetic oils are not recommended.

Heat resistance: FilterFAB 1000 BLK is suitable for continuous use in temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Exposure to temperatures up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit for extended periods is possible as well.



Shelf life: Mix before use for best results. Best if used within six months of date of manufacture.

Safety and disposal: FilterFAB Hardener is a polymeric isocyanate. Use of gloves and other protective equipment is recommended. Consult SDS before use for additional information.

Storage of opened containers: FilterFAB 1000 BLK should be kept in a closed container. It will absorb moisture from the air. Enough moisture will cause the mixed but uncured adhesive to foam. FilterFAB Hardener is very susceptible to moisture. We recommend that it be kept in a sealed container. A desiccant or nitrogen blanket is recommended.  

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