Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

An Adhesive Solution for Every Label

At Franklin Adhesives & Polymers, we take the pressure off label manufacturers, helping them find the right adhesive for any application. Under our trusted Acrynax, Covinax and Micronax brands, we produce a complete offering of high-performance removable, permanent and specialty pressure sensitive adhesives to meet specific label requirements for many different surfaces. Our adhesives offer various combinations of peel, tack and shear strength for specific applications – from packaging frozen foods to labels that can withstand the heat under the car hood.

We are one of the oldest adhesives manufacturers in the world. Yet, we continue to pioneer the newest, most advanced products on the market to meet our customers’ needs. Our commitment to aggressive research and development extends beyond our goal of meeting our market’s needs; we also focus on each customer’s specific bulk adhesive requirements. If we have not yet developed the right pressure sensitive adhesive for your application, we will strive to customize what we have for what you need. You can rely on us to provide you the best adhesive for your specific end use.

You also can trust our commitment to creating and manufacturing environmentally friendly adhesives. Unlike other adhesives, our pressure sensitive adhesives are all water-based. We use no solvents in any of our Covinax, Acrynax or Micronax products. In addition, many of our products are FDA-approved or tested to be “skin friendly” adhesives. 


It’s that kind of long-term thinking that helps us form lasting relationships with our customers.